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7 out of 10 working people will be better off under the Conservatives

Sunday 28th March 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
7 out of 10 working people will be better off under the Conservatives

Andrew Griffiths has backed plans that a Conservative Government will stop Labour’s tax rise on jobs by cutting waste. Stopping the planned increases in National Insurance Contributions will result in 7 out of 10 working people being better off.

A Conservative Government will take immediate action to start cutting Government waste, in order to spend £6 billion less in 2010-11 than Labour’s plans.

Andrew Griffiths, the Parliamentary Candidate for Burton and Uttoxeter, said:

“It’s tough enough in East Staffordshire and Labour’s plans to put a tax on jobs would be bad news for local working people. On the other hand this Conservative announcement is a real boost for local working people in Burton and Uttoxeter, where the Conservatives can now commit to stop Labour’s tax rise on their jobs and at the same time reduce the economic deficit faster.

Burton and Uttoxeter deserves change for the better, and only David Cameron and the Conservatives have the energy, leadership and values to stand up for local people.”

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