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7,000 Strong Post Office Petition Goes To No 10

Wednesday 11th June 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
7,000 Strong Post Office Petition Goes To No 10

In a dramatic show of people power, a petition with over 7000 signatures against post office closures in Burton and Uttoxeter was presented to Number 10 Downing Street.

Conservative Parliamentary spokesman Andrew Griffiths, took the petition to Gordon Brown in what he said was “a clear expression of public anger at the closures of this vital service.

Campaigner Mr Griffiths said, “I have been absolutely staggered by the overwhelming response I have received to this campaign.

The equivalent of almost 10% of the population of Burton and Uttoxeter have signed the petition, which is a clear indication of the anger felt towards these plans, and demonstrates just how strongly they feel.”

The 7,000 strong petition includes 2726 signatures supporting Stapenhill, 1380 supporting the Heath, Uttoxeter, 602 signatures supporting Mayfield, and 595 supporting Marchington. Since the announcement of the closure plans Mr Griffiths has collected signatures for the petition by holding street stalls, going door to door, and sent letters to residents affected by the closures.

Mr Griffiths said, “I have major concerns about the consultation process. Figures have been inaccurate, bus timetables wrong, problems with access overlooked, and the strength of feeling of local residents ignored. The Labour party like us to believe that they are on the side of the elderly and the poor, but their plan to close these branches will hit he most vulnerable the hardest. Gordon Brown has wasted billions propping up Northern Rock, but he cannot find the money to keep vital services open. It is clear that residents in Burton and Uttoxeter want to keep their post offices and have sent Gordon Brown a very clear message. I just hope he listens.”

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