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Andrew Griffiths backs weight restriction on A515

Friday 27th March 2015 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths backs weight restriction on A515

Local MP Andrew Griffiths has backed a campaign calling for a weight restriction to be introduced along the A515 from the south of Draycott-In-The-Clay to Kings Bromley.

This comes as residents in Draycott have joined with other villagers from Yoxall and Kings Bromley to campaign for the weight restriction to be introduced to reduce the number of HGVs travelling along the A515 and through the villages.

Andrew met with members of Draycott Parish Council to discuss the situation and has backed the campaign.

Andrew said: “Residents of Draycott, Yoxall and Kings Bromley are understandably fed up of huge numbers of HGVs thundering through their villages and past their homes twenty four hours a day.  This is a constant problem, but it can be eased by introducing a weight restriction along the A515 from south of Stubby Lane in Draycott through Yoxall and Kings Bromley.  It is time the County Council acted and introduced this restriction”.

Andrew added: “I understand the need for local businesses to get goods in and out, but the introduction of a weight limit on the A515 for through traffic would also ease the misery for people living on Forest Road and Shobnall Road.”

Ken Rudman, Chair of Draycott-In-The-Clay Parish Council said: “This campaign started when Councillors from Kings Bromley and Yoxall asked us to join them in calling for measures to reduce HGV numbers on the A515. We have been asking the County Council to act to reduce the impact of HGVs on our village for ages, but they have done nothing. This is the only proposal on the table, so we have to back it”.

Councillor Rudman added: “It is unrealistic to take all HGV traffic off the A515 in Draycott as we have distribution depots on Stubby Lane and access needs to be maintained to these, but the proposed weight limit would certainly help the situation”.

 Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant is also supporting the campaign.

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