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Andrew Griffiths MP brings officials together to tackle Marchington flooding

Thursday 10th May 2018 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP brings officials together to tackle Marchington flooding

Andrew Griffiths MP has brought together representatives from the Environment Agency and Staffordshire County Council to highlight the challenges Marchington residents face with flooding in the village. The meeting comes after delays for promised flood protections against the Marchington Brook which is prone to bursting its banks after heavy downfalls of rain.

The meeting gave representatives from the Environmental Agency and Staffordshire County Council an opportunity to tour the flooding sites in the village and speak to the Parish Council and affected residents as well as listen to their concerns. The Environment Agency’s own assessment into the options for flood protections will be published in July with the Government awarding the project £113,000 to help pay for the scheme.

Andrew said, “I thought it was important after the delays this scheme has seen for something to be spur on the work. I am encouraged by the constructive meeting which I believe has been beneficial for everyone that took part.”

“Residents should not have to be fearful about living in their own home each time there is a forecast of heavy rainfall. I will continue to press the Environment Agency to make sure that this work is completed as soon as possible so that Marchington residents get the flood protection they need.”

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