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Andrew Griffiths MP: Have Your Say on Burton Train Station

Monday 14th August 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP: Have Your Say on Burton Train Station

Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths is encouraging local residents to take part in a Department for Transport consultation on the franchise that operates Burton train station.

The new franchise is due to start in summer of 2019 and the Department for Transport has just opened the public consultation to find out what passengers want to see from their train services in the East Midlands. Burton train station is currently operated by East Midlands Trains, and so the consultation will give the public to have a say on the condition of the station and the facilities offered there.

The consultation also includes a proposal to add the Birmingham to Nottingham service, which runs through Burton and is currently operated by a different company, to the East Midlands franchise.

Andrew said: “This consultation is a brilliant opportunity for everyone who uses Burton station to make the Department for Transport aware of their views. I hear from people on a regular basis that the station is overgrown, that it doesn’t have enough facilities, and that it is not the right sort of sight to be greeting people when they arrive in the town for the first time.  I will be making these views known as part of the consultation, and I would encourage everyone else who uses the station to do so as well.”

The public consultation is open until 11th October.  Full details and the online survey can be found on the Department for Transport’s website at:

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