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Andrew Griffiths MP: Have Your Say on train services through Uttoxeter

Wednesday 16th August 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP: Have Your Say on train services through Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter’s MP Andrew Griffiths is encouraging local residents to take part in a Department for Transport consultation on the train service that runs through Uttoxeter.

The new franchise for the route is due to start in summer of 2019 and the Department for Transport has just opened the public consultation to find out what passengers want to see from their train services in the East Midlands. The consultation will give Uttoxeter’s train passengers a chance to have their say on the quality and frequency of the service that runs through the town.

Andrew said: “This consultation is a brilliant opportunity for everyone who uses the train to and from Uttoxeter to make the Department aware of what they want from their train service. I hear regular complaints from people who use the train that they are often overcrowded, don’t have enough carriages, and don’t operate frequently enough, particularly on race days.  I will be taking part in the consultation to make sure the Government is aware of these problems, and I would encourage everyone else who uses the station to make sure that they take part too.”

The public consultation is open until 11th October.  Full details and the online survey can be found on the Department for Transport’s website at:

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