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Andrew Griffiths MP meets hard-working Queen’s Hospital A&E staff

Tuesday 14th February 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP meets hard-working Queen’s Hospital A&E staff

Hard-working staff at Burton’s accident and emergency department were praised by Burton MP Andrew Griffiths in a special visit today (14th February) as he thanked them for their efforts during a busy winter.

The MP was given a walk round the unit to take a look at what they do and thank them for their dedication throughout the last few months. He was joined by Magnus Harrison, medical director at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who said he is “massively proud” of the work they do every day.

Mr Griffiths said: “Historically at this time of year the accident and emergency department tends to be under massive pressures with increased numbers of people coming through the doors. I wanted to thank the team for their dedication and their efforts, delivering really good care for local people. It is important that the staff realise how valued they are and it is also good for me to understand their concerns and get a good idea of what they want so that I can take that with me when I speak to health ministers. It is a learning exercise for me to help get a clearer understanding so I can do my bit to support them.”

Mr Griffiths said he was surprised by how busy the A&E was but that the environment was upbeat and “really brought home how hard people are working.”

He said: “Considering it is a quiet period on a Tuesday afternoon, I was surprised by how busy it was but the staff were doing an incredible job. There was a very positive attitude and such a great level of commitment from the medical team. I almost expected morale to be low and a bit gloomy as they are incredibly busy and under lots of pressure, but what I saw today was really upbeat and positive. Doctors and nurses are constantly making improvements and changes to the way they run the A&E and they believe that’s delivering better performance and better care for the people of Burton.”

Mr Harrison said he was “really keen for staff to speak to Andrew and share their individual thoughts. I am massively proud of the team we have here and they are like a family that pulls together and always gets the job done. I have huge admiration for what they do. The A&E is well staffed and while we are always looking for nursing staff, we have no problem recruiting consultants. There are always lots of opportunities for people to join us and as a trust we are definitely gaining momentum and gathering speed. We are empowering the staff to make their own decisions, not just in the A&E but throughout the entire hospital. The numbers are also very interesting at the moment, with attendances down slightly.”

Mr Griffiths said he engaged in a “full and frank discussion” with the staff members about their concerns and their commitment.

He said: “I go away really confident in the quality and professionalism of the team which has convinced me that the A&E must stay open. Some of the best doctors and nurses from all over the country are working at Burton and I continue to be really encouraged by the support and willingness the community have shown in supporting the staff at the A&E. I have got a much better picture of what it is actually like to work in the A&E at this time of year and the demands that are put on the staff.”

(Story credited to Ms Rhea Turner of the Burton Mail.)

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