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Andrew Griffiths MP unearths figures which highlight the dangers of losing Burton A&E

Monday 20th February 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP unearths figures which highlight the dangers of losing Burton A&E

Burton’s MP, Andrew Griffiths has uncovered statistics which show just how devastating losing the A&E department at Queen’s Hospital could be for emergency care provision locally. 

After writing to West Midlands Ambulance Service, Mr Griffiths found the Service had made almost 9,000 callouts over the last 12 months in Burton which resulted in a hospital admission. Over 8,000 of these were admitted to Queen’s Hospital while less than 400 were transported to Royal Derby Hospital. In a hypothetical situation if Burton were to close, Derby hospital which already experiences high demand, would likely have to deliver emergency care for thousands more people a year from Burton and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, Mr Griffiths learned the maximum time it took an ambulance to transport someone from Burton to Derby Hospital was 64 minutes. These statistics cast fresh doubts on the suitability of Burton being downgraded and raise new questions on the devastating impact it could have.

Speaking about the figures, Andrew said, “These statistics show just how unthinkable it would be for Burton A&E to be downgraded and would undoubtedly put lives at risk. The numbers, which do not include those who admit themselves to hospital, highlight that Derby hospital could be pushed to breaking point if Burton’s A&E were to be downgraded. This would be bad news for the people of Burton and Staffordshire, and bad news for the people of Derbyshire too whose own A&E services would be affected.”

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