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Andrew Griffiths MP welcomes £2.5 million boost in funding for local schools

Friday 22nd September 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP welcomes £2.5 million boost in funding for local schools


Burton and Uttoxeter’s MP, Andrew Griffiths, has welcomed the news that local primary schools are set to receive, in total, an extra £2.5 million in their annual budgets.

In July, the Education Secretary, Justine Greening MP, announced that the Government was to boost the schools budget by £1.3 billion in addition to existing planned spending increases. But it wasn’t until recently that the breakdown of the massive cash injection was revealed showing all schools are to receive an increase in funding. Furthermore, the Government will also be increasing funding for children with higher needs to ensure every child gets the very best possible start in life.

This additional funding is part of the Government’s reforms to how schools are funded with the current set up seeing school across the country receiving different levels of funding depending where they are. Staffordshire, which has been historically underfunded will now receive its fair share of school funding.

Andrew said: ‘I am very pleased to see our schools are going to be benefiting significantly thanks to the Government’s decision to increase funding for schools. I have been working hard with colleagues in Government to ensure the voices of local teachers and parents were heard’.

‘This is brilliant news for teachers, head teachers, parents and of course most importantly children. This will be more cash in head teachers’ budgets to spend on the education of our children which everyone can welcome.

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