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Andrew Griffiths MP welcomes additional millions to improve county roads

Wednesday 25th January 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP welcomes additional millions to improve county roads

Burton and Uttoxeter’s MP, Andrew Griffiths has welcomed the recent announcement made by the Government that Staffordshire road users will benefit from an additional £3.71 million worth of local road improvements on top of what was announced in the Autumn Statement – this brings the county’s road budget to £23.1 million.

This funding will be given to Staffordshire County Council and this broken down means £17.8 million to repair and maintain road surfaces, street lighting, as well as improve infrastructure such as bridges. Additionally, there will be a £1.6 million new pothole action fund, which will ensure the County Council has the money it needs to preserve the roads and keep the county moving. This funding will be particularly welcome at this time, as the cold weather sets in, and more attention is needed to maintain our roads from the adverse weather.

As a result of this funding, motorists in Staffordshire will benefit from improved roads, cuts to congestion and improved journey times. This cash will also support the local economy and be a boost for local businesses who benefit from better transport links. 

Speaking on the announcement Burton and Uttoxeter’s MP, Andrew Griffiths, said, ‘The state of our roads is consistently raised with me by local residents and remains a great source of frustration for drivers. This funding is welcome news for families and businesses across East Staffordshire who rely on our roads to get around. This announcement shows that the Government are delivering on their commitment to invest in infrastructure which attract businesses and secure more job opportunities to local people.’

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