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Andrew Griffiths MP welcomes Government plans for more cash and staff for mental health services

Monday 7th August 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths MP welcomes Government plans for more cash and staff for mental health services

Burton and Uttoxeter’s MP, Andrew Griffiths, has welcomed the Government’s ambitious plans for one of the biggest expansions of mental health services in Europe.  The Government has announced that it is time to end the historical imbalance between mental and physical health support and will recruit 21,000 new mental health workers for the NHS as well as encouraging other NHS staff to consider a career in mental health support.

This will mean mental health services will be able to treat an extra one million people by 2021 and ensure England’s mental health services are properly resourced.

This plan is part of the Government’s £1.3 billion investment into mental health services in England and when broken down this will deliver 2,900 therapists and health professionals for adult talking therapies along with 4,800 mental health nurses working in crisis care. In addition to this, with half of all mental health problems in the UK starting before the age of 14 the Government will also provide 2,000 additional nurses, consultants and therapists for children and adolescent mental health services.

Andrew Griffiths MP, said: ‘Having long campaigned for better mental health provision both nationally and locally here Burton and Uttoxeter, this is welcome news and will help everyone access mental health support more quickly. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people living in the UK now have a mental health condition and so it is right that the Government is giving this issue both the attention and the funding it deserves.’

‘I don’t just want people with mental health conditions to receive treatment but I want them to receive better treatment and access to that support quicker. The Government’s recent announcement delivers on what was promised at the General Election and ensures more people are able to access treatment than ever before.’

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