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Andrew Griffiths supports possible return of 3 Mercian Staffordshire Regiment

Monday 15th January 2018 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths supports possible return of 3 Mercian Staffordshire Regiment

Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths has backed new calls for 3 Mercian, the Staffords to be revived. The suggestion came as Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy called for the Regiment’s return at Defence Questions in the House of Commons this week. Andrew Griffiths has backed Mr Lefroy’s call and agrees that this would be a very positive move for Staffordshire and the army as a whole.

Andrew said: “We were all very disappointed when the decision was taken to disband the Staffords, 3rd Battalion Mercian and fold it into the Mercian Regiment.  It had so many links with Burton, and to see these disappear was a blow to many.

“However it is encouraging to hear that my fellow Staffordshire MPs are keen to revive the regiment, and I hope that with the support of the Defence Secretary himself we might be able to see a return to the proud tradition of the Staffords.

“The first duty of any Government is to keep its citizens safe, and the return of the Staffords would give a real boost to the army, as well as to the whole county of Staffordshire.”

Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, also a Staffordshire MP, replied to Mr Lefroy’s question in Parliament saying he “would very much like to reintroduce the Staffordshire Regiment as part of any changes [to the army]” but that he had “some more battles to win before [he gets] to that stage.”

The 3rd Battalion was disbanded in June 2014 as part of the Army 2020 defence review, but there has recently been a number of calls for the size of the army to again be increased.

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