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Andrew Griffiths welcomes help for ordinary working families in Burton and Uttoxeter

Friday 25th November 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths welcomes help for ordinary working families in Burton and Uttoxeter

Andrew Griffiths has welcomed the Government’s Autumn Statement, which will help working families in Burton and Uttoxeter, finish bringing down the deficit so Britain lives within its means, and tackle the long-term challenges facing our economy so Britain is more productive and our economy is fit for the future.

The Autumn Statement sets out the action the Chancellor will take to put ordinary working families first:

  • Helping ordinary working families who are struggling to get on.
  • Bringing down the deficit to get the country back to living within its means.
  • Tackling long-term challenges and making Britain more productive.

Mr Griffiths welcomed these measures as good news for ordinary working families in Burton and Uttoxeter: “The action announced in this Autumn Statement will help local people who are just about managing, and ensure that our economy is fighting fit as we begin the process to leave the European Union. 

“Increasing the National Living Wage, building more homes that local people can afford, ending tenants’ fees and continuing the fuel duty freeze for the seventh successive year will help families across Burton and Uttoxeter to make ends meet.     

“By backing businesses, investing in our transport networks and securing world-class digital infrastructure, we will keep Britain moving and support our economy for the future.  

“This is about putting ordinary working families in Burton and Uttoxeter first, and building an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.”

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