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Andrew Griffiths welcomes new PM Theresa May

Friday 15th July 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew Griffiths welcomes new PM Theresa May

I am delighted that Theresa May has this week become our new Prime Minister.

After the upheaval of the vote to leave the European Union, and the resignation of David Cameron, I am convinced that Theresa is the right person to lead our country and help us meet the challenges that we will now face.
In an unguarded comment, Ken Clarke recently described Theresa as a “bloody difficult woman”.  That is exactly what we need right now to negotiate for Britain in the European Union and I can think of no one better than Theresa to do it.  She has been clear that “Brexit means Brexit”, and has already shown that she is serious about it by appointing people like David Davis and Liam Fox to her Cabinet to work on making sure that we can get the best deal possible.
Having served for over six years as Home Secretary, one of the longest-serving ever, Theresa has demonstrated that she has the skills to undertake complex negotiations, the determination to see challenges through to their completion and the courage to take difficult decisions in the interest of our nation.
I am also hugely proud that the Conservative Party has delivered a second woman Prime Minister, and I hope that she will not only be a great leader for our nation but an inspiration to young women across the country.
When Theresa arrived in Downing Street on Wednesday evening, she began her administration with a speech committing to lead a Government that works for everyone and not just the privileged few.   You can watch her speech by clicking on the image below.

Finally, I was deeply sorry to see David Cameron step down as Prime Minister.  He has done a fantastic job leading our country at a time of financial uncertainty, and leading a recovery that saw the creation of two and a half million jobs and the economy booming again.  He is a man of great integrity and I am proud to have served in the Government he led.

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