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Andrew’s “Contract With The People Of Burton & Uttoxeter”

Saturday 27th March 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
Andrew’s “Contract With The  People Of Burton & Uttoxeter”

The Conservative hoping to be Burton and Uttoxeter’s next MP has published a clean expenses and fair campaign pledge. The contract for honesty and transparency was made by Andrew Griffiths and follows the scandal over MPs expenses.

If elected Andrew has pledged:
• to make his main home in the Burton constituency
• only claim for rent
• not to claim for food, furniture or household goods
• to only claim for second class travel
• not to employ any family members
• publish all his expense claims on his website for residents to inspect
• make his accounts available to local newspapers to scrutinise

Andrew said:
“The expenses scandal has badly damaged the reputation of parliament and I want to make it clear to voters in Burton and Uttoxeter that I will not play the system or bend the rules.

I want to live by the highest standards that we should be able to expect from our elected representatives.”

Andrew also made an additional commitment to run a positive campaign avoiding personal attacks and negative campaigning.

Andrew said:

“The public are turned off by candidates making insults and smears and we won’t restore trust in politics or politicians by restoring to negative campaigning, smears and dishonesty.
Running a positive campaign on how make Burton and Uttoxeter better places to live and work is essential if we are to regain the confidence of the public.”

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