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Anger as MP fails to back local dairy farmers

Thursday 15th March 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Anger as MP fails to back local dairy farmers

Burton MP Janet Dean has been criticsed as she failed to take part in a debate in Parliament about the plight of Diary farmers in the region organised by her Labour colleague South Derbyshire MP Mark Todd.

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Andrew Griffiths said,

“Dairy farmers in Burton and Uttoxeter have had a terrible time over recent years, and many of them face going to the wall unless conditions improve. I am sure that the public don’t realise that British farmers are being paid less for a litre of milk than it costs them to produce it.

Over the last year, 1,000 British dairy farmers have gone out of business, yet the processors and supermarkets who sell the milk are making huge profits”

Mr Griffiths added,

“Given the importance of farming in our area, and the attendance of a Government Minister, I was shocked that our local MP did not speak in such an important debate. I think it is a real shame that Mrs Dean couldn’t find the time to voice the concerns of daiiry farmers in her constituency. It is about time that someone stood up and made the case for agriculture and our rural communities”.

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