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Arriva left red-faced over catalogue of breakdowns

Monday 28th May 2012 (Andrew Griffiths)

A bus company has apologised after its vehicles broke down three times on the same route — all on a single day.

Buses run by Arriva Midlands conked out between Burton and Uttoxeter three times on one day this month, it has been revealed.

The company has described the failures as ‘totally unacceptable’ and vowed to improve its service on the hourly route.

The apology came after a complaint from Burton MP Andrew Griffiths to Arriva area business manager Roy Godfrey.

The MP said he had received complaints from constituents about lateness, breakdowns and rude drivers.

Incidents included:

A complaint from a Tutbury resident who was left without buses for three hours due to breakdowns and delays;

Passengers being kicked off a broken down bus in Doveridge and forced to wait an hour for a replacement;

A driver who swore in front of passengers and punched the plastic board separating him from customers;

A woman from Tutbury who had to be picked up by her husband after the bus broke down in Hatton; and

Waiting passengers being told by a driver they could not board a bus because it was ‘dangerous’.

Mr Griffiths said in his letter to Arriva: “I understand that there are ongoing and frequent problems in relation to buses turning up late or not at all.

“I am concerned that Arriva does not seem to be providing an adequate service to their customers on the number one route.”

An Arriva spokesman told the Mail: “We are very disappointed that our customers have been inconvenienced by interruptions to service one.

“Our investigations have highlighted two breakdowns on service one during April but incredibly three breakdowns on the same day in May. This is totally unacceptable.

“I can do no more than apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers and assure them that we are doing everything possible to improve reliability, which is where our efforts are concentrated.”

The spokesman said engineers were ‘focused on the need for buses to operate punctually and reliably and are working tirelessly to restore reliability’.

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