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Barriers an option to help villagers in Beamhurst, near Uttoxeter. plagued by A50

Friday 6th March 2015 (Andrew Griffiths)
Barriers an option to help villagers in Beamhurst, near Uttoxeter. plagued by A50

BARRIERS could be placed along parts of the A50 near Uttoxeter to help long-suffering residents blighted by constant road noise.

Kirti Surti, asset manager for the Highways Agency, has revealed to Uttoxeter’s MP Andrew Griffiths that, after a visit to the town, ‘an important area’ has been identified as a problem.

After inspecting the A50 near to Beamhurst Hall, subsequent assessments have ‘recommended the use of barriers to address the traffic noise problem’.

However, the manager did add that different approaches may also be possible to ease the problem.

 The letter states: “A new initiative has been implemented as a result of the additional investment, the Government is making in the strategic road network.

“This is the publication by the Department for Transport of its Roads Investment Strategy, which includes noise as a key performance indicator (KPI) for the Highways Agency.

“The KPI requires mitigation to be installed at 1,150 important areas within five years.”

After receiving the letter, Mr Griffiths said this will come as welcome news for the residents living close to the major trunk road.

He told the Advertiser: “At last there is some good news on the horizon for the people living near to the A50.

“We know they have been blighted with the noise from the road for many years and as it gets busier the noise gets worse.

“This letter is positive news which means at last we will be getting a solution to end their misery.”

By Uttoxeter Advertiser

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