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Beer Drinker of the Year title awarded to Burton MP

Thursday 13th July 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Beer Drinker of the Year title awarded to Burton MP

Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths has been made this year’s Beer Drinker of the Year by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group.

The Beer Drinker of the Year title is given to a person each year who has made an outstanding contribution to beer and brewing, and is the group’s top award.  Andrew was given the accolade for his tireless campaigning to promote the brewing industry, and his leadership of the successful cross-party campaign to scrap the hated beer duty escalator and reduce beer duty.

The award was presented at the Group’s Annual Dinner by the Immigration Minister and former Pubs Minister, Brandon Lewis MP.

Andrew said: “I am truly honoured to have been made this year’s Beer Drinker of the Year.  It was a hugely unexpected award and I am thrilled to have been recognised by the industry in this way.

“Brewing is at the very heart of Burton’s history and make-up so to have been able to achieve duty cuts that made a difference to Burton’s brewers was reward enough.  But it is a real privilege to have received the award and I am delighted.”

Previous recipients of the Beer Drinker of the Year Award include Prince Charles, cricketer Freddie Flintoff and former Chancellor George Osborne.

Andrew served as Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group for five years before he was appointed to the Government Whips Office in 2016, and has now also been made Honorary Life President of the Beer Group.

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