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Burton and Uttoxeter burglary rate unacceptable say Conservatives

Sunday 22nd July 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton and Uttoxeter burglary rate unacceptable say Conservatives

Burton and Uttoxeter’s Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has called for urgent action to tackle the large increase in robberies and burglaries across in East Staffordshire. The comments came as new local crime statistics published by the Government showed 434 burglaries across East Staffordshire in the last 12 months.

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Andrew Griffiths said,

“The number of burglaries has increased by almost a third since last year. Local people should feel safe in their own homes, but the numbers of burgalries prove this isn’t the case. From what local peope tell me, it does appear that the number of burgalries is becoming more and more of a problem.”
ths announced his 3 point action plan to tackle crime across East Staffordshire.

· 1. More police officers on the beat: Through greater co-operation between forces, introducing performance-related pay, and by scrapping unnecessary forms and bureaucracy.

· 2. More prison places: Providing sufficient prison capacity to increase offenders’ chances of being properly rehabilitated and reducing reoffending. Money saved by scrapping the ID Cards project could be used to fund this.

· 3. Tackling drug problems: Increasing the level of drug rehabilitation for young people to tackle the causes of crime.

Mr Griffiths commented:

“The police officers in Staffordshire are working hard, and I am relieved they have been able to prevent violent crimes and thefts from cars from rising, but Officers are being held back by Government red tape that prevents them from patrolling the streets and catching criminals. I want to see a stronger emphasis on neighborhood policing and a greater say for local people on how police forces are run. “

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