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Burton and Uttoxeter says no to EU Treaty

Wednesday 22nd August 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton and Uttoxeter says no to EU Treaty

Residents in Burton and Uttoxeter are firmly opposed to giving more power to Brussels according to a survey undertaken by local Conservatives.

Andrew Griffiths has undertaken a survey of over 11,000 people living in Burton and Uttoxeter. A

staggering 96% of all respondents to the survey said they were opposed to Britain giving any more powers away to Brussels.

Mr Griffiths said,

“I think this is the largest ever survey of the views and opinions of local residents we have ever undertaken. I always knew that local people didn’t want to see our Prime Minister handing over the running of our country to Brussels, but I am delighted at how united everyone is in their opposition to this kind of EU power grab. On such an important issue, I think Gordon Brown should trust the people and give us a vote on this plan”

Andrew said,

“The Government wants to avoid a referendum claiming the proposals are just a ‘Treaty’ rather then a constitution. Yet the new Treaty contains 96% of the same proposals as the rejected constitution. The British people were promised a referendum in the manifesto on which Gordon Brown was elected, so he should let them have that vote.”

Mr Griffiths pointed to an explanation of the Treaty produced by the Conservatives, which shows it will create an EU president; an EU foreign minister in all but name with a diplomatic service; a single legal personality, enabling the EU to sign treaties; new powers for the European Commission, Court of Justice and European Parliament and 60 British vetoes lost to Brussels.

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