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Burton County Court wins reprieve

Wednesday 15th December 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton County Court wins reprieve

Burton upon Trent County Court has been given a “stay of execution”, meaning that it will continue to deal with local civil law cases for at least the next few years.

The Court, which had been threatened with immediate closure, deals with a wide range of issues, including divorce and adoption proceedings, housing disputes, personal injury claims and claims to recover debts.

Andrew led the campaign to keep the Court, securing a parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall in July, where he was able to put the case directly to the Courts Minister.

Andrew argued in that debate, and in his formal submision to the consultation on court services in Staffordshire, for the workload of Tamworth County Court to be tansferred to Burton, in the same way as is happening for Magistrate’s Courts.

Ministers have listened to these proposals and have agreed that, while Tamworth’s County Court will close next spring, Burton County Court will stay open for the time being and will take on the work mvoed from Tamworth. The official plans for reform of the County Court system in Staffordshie says that:

Burton upon Trent County Court will not close immediately to allow time for a more detailed analysis into workload across the county court districts of Burton upon Trent and Tamworth to ensure that the work is moved to the most suitable alternative court location. It will also provide a transitional period to consider the further changes which are due in respect of civil business. This timescale will give us the opportunity to review the impact of these changes as well as consider how best to configure our civil business in this part of Staffordshire.

You can see the Minister’s answers to MPs’ questions below. Andrew’s question to the Minister is at about 16:29:00 on the video.

You can download a copy of Andrew’s submission to the consultation on reviewing the court system in Staffordshire by clicking on the link below.

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