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Burton gets booster from health cash

Tuesday 30th December 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton gets booster from health cash

Burton is set to get an increased cash injection to boost health services in the area, it has been revealed.

Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths has revealed that the town is to get a higher increase in health spending than the rest of the country.

Figures announced by NHS England show that East Staffordshire will receive a 5.98 per cent increase in health spending for the financial year 2015-16, compared to the national average increase of 3.74 per cent.

This increased allocation was in part due to population changes and revised inflation figures.

Mr Griffiths said: “This increase in spending will make a huge difference to healthcare in Burton.

“Earlier in the year I met with the Health Minister Dan Poulter to campaign for a higher increase for East Staffordshire and I am really pleased to see that this has been achieved.

“The Government can only afford to spend extra on the NHS in Burton because of the strong economy.”

Dr Charles Pidsley, chairman of East Staffordshire clinical commissioning group (CCG), said: “We welcome the fact that East Staffordshire will receive a higher than average increase in NHS funding, reflecting a positive step towards receiving our ‘fair share’ of the NHS national allocation.

“The CCG faces significant financial challenges to live within its allocation and meet the healthcare needs of local people. While this will not fully alleviate those challenges, it will go some way towards it by bringing extra cash into the area.

“The CCG is fully aware of the discussions which Andrew Griffiths has had with the Department of Health and appreciates the focus he has brought to our local funding issues.”

By Rob Smyth (Burton Mail)


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