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Burton MP Andrew Griffiths praises road cash injection

Tuesday 30th December 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton MP Andrew Griffiths praises road cash injection

BURTON’S MP has praised the announcement that pothole-riddled roads will be repaired thanks to a major cash injection.

A total of £20,076,000 of new funding in Staffordshire will be used to improve the road network over the coming years.

Andrew Griffiths said: “We all know potholes and poorly maintained roads are a menace so this is great news for everybody who relies on the roads in Burton.

“More than £20 million – part of a £104 million package for maintenance in Staffordshire over the next six years – will go a long way to dealing with the problems we face on our roads, giving us another reason for cheer at this time of year.”

By Burton Mail


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