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Burton MP in new plea to get people to become a donor

Sunday 13th July 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton MP in new plea to get people to become a donor

BURTON’S MP has urged all Mail readers to ‘sign up and save a life’ by becoming an organ donor.

Andrew Griffiths and members of this staff posed with ‘donate my organs’ signs in the shadow of Big Ben in London in a bid to get more people to join the organ donor register.

The parliamentarian issued the plea on the back of National Transplant Week, which was based around a special ‘Spell It Out’ campaign to come up with endless ways to spread the message of organ donation.

Mr Griffiths said: “Nobody wants to think about their death but being able to give life to someone is a wonderful and inspirational thing to be able to do.

“There are hundreds of people whose life could be changed by the giving of an organ donation.

“By filling out a simple form and making sure loved ones know your decision, you could make a huge difference to some one out there.”

The initiative coincides with the Mail’s ‘Take Five Minutes’ campaign, which aims to bolster numbers to join the NHS and Anthony Nolan bone marrow registers.

Mr Griffiths added: “I have to praise the work of the Mail for highlighting the need for organ donation and can only hope that this will continue into the future.

“I have no doubt that countless people have been, and will be in the future, saved by this campaign.”

Mr Griffiths said it was now down to Mail readers to decide whether they wanted to join the register.

He said: “It really is as simply as filling out a form or clicking a few buttons on a computer.

“It is a great thing to do and can be a life-changing moment in so many ways.

“I would now ask all Mail readers to think about it and sign up to become an organ donor and, maybe, save a life.”

Anyone who would like to join the register can do so by heading online to , calling 0300 123 2323 or texting SAVE to 62323.

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