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Burton MP says 7.5m cash boost ‘vital’ for town

Tuesday 8th July 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton MP says 7.5m cash boost ‘vital’ for town

BURTON’S MP has said that the £7.5 million set to be pumped into the area will be ‘vital’ in aiding the town’s regeneration and growth.

Andrew Griffiths spoke to the Mail after it was announced that the Government would be pouring the seven-figure sum into the town to kick-start development work on the former Bargates site and support major changes to the A38 Branston interchange.

The move will allow East Staffordshire Borough Council speed up work for 200 homes at Bargates as well as easing predicted traffic woes due to the imminent building of thousands of homes in Branston.

Mr Griffiths said: “I am absolutely delighted that the Government has decided to invest millions of pounds into the regeneration of Burton.

“I am convinced that this cash from Whitehall will help to kick-start growth in Burton town centre and at the Bargates site.

“This move will make a big difference to the town.

“For so long Burton has lacked inward investment and I am really pleased that the Chancellor got his cheque book out to boost our town.”

The parliamentarian went on to discuss how residents in Branston and motorists would be relieved to hear that £6 million will be spent to invest in the Branston Interchange.

“I have been contacted by many people with concerns over the impact that the planned developments in Branston will have on the roads network,” Mr Griffiths said.

“This cash will help improve the situation for people who live in the area by reducing congestion and being able to go about their daily lives and also for motorists who will not face long queues of traffic as a result.”

The cash comes from millions handed out by the Government aimed at improving transport networks, unlocking economic sites and boosting skills provision.

Council chiefs expect the Bargates £1.5 million boost to help create hundreds of jobs in the area.

The land has been up for sale since 2012 after the last units in the former shopping precinct and bowling alley closed at the site in 2007.

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