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Burton passes 1,000 votes for high-speed broadband

Tuesday 21st December 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton passes 1,000 votes for high-speed broadband

The campaign to bring super-fast broadband to Burton received a major boost today when it passed 1,000 votes in support of the town.

The campaign, part of the BT “Race to Infinity” competition, had been supported by 1,052 local residents by mid-afternoon today. Between midday on Monday and midday Tuesday, more than 220 people voted for Burton – making it the most successful day of the campaign so far.

Welcoming the milestone, Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths said:

“This is fantastic news and a major step towards bringing high-speed internet to our town but we still need more people to add their support. We need everybody to vote for Burton at before the competition ends on 31st December.”

“High-speed broadband would bring enormous benefits to Burton, both for business and for personal internet use. If we can get to 1,500 votes by the end of next week then BT will have to look at upgrading Burton’s connection.”

Local broadband campaign coordinator Ian Page said:

“I would encourage people to vote no matter what internet service provider they are with, as other internet service providers will benefit as they use BT lines. It’s free to vote and you are not committed to anything but your support can help bring superfast broadband to Burton!”

To vote for Burton or to find out more information about the campaign, visit the Race to Infinity website at.

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