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Burton’s MP calls on council chief to meet town’s businesses about bridge impact

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton’s MP calls on council chief to meet town’s businesses about bridge impact


Burton’s Member of Parliament Andrew Griffiths has called on Staffordshire County Council Chief Executive John Henderson to meet Burton’s Chamber of Commerce members to discuss the impact the work on St. Peter’s Bridge is having on businesses based in the town.

This call comes after Mr Griffiths attended a forum organised by the Chamber to allow business owners to express their concerns over the effect the bridge closure is having and talk about the problems their businesses are facing.  The meeting was also attended by the Leader and Chief Executive of East Staffordshire Borough Council, but there was no representative from Staffordshire County Council present.

Andrew said: “It was clear at this meeting that many businesses in town are concerned at the impact they are seeing, and some feel that there is a real threat to their livelihood.  What was also clear is that the business community believe there has been a lack of engagement with them by the County Council.

“I have therefore written to Mr Henderson to ask him to meet with the town centre businesses as a matter of urgency, so he can hear their concerns in person and better understand the vital importance of doing everything possible to complete the work on the bridge well in advance of the planned date.

“No one wants to see businesses affected by the bridge closure, and so I call on the County Council to properly engage with the business community and come to a resolution urgently.”

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