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Burton’s MP first in space

Monday 5th September 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton’s MP first in space

Luna brews have teamed up with their earth agents to bring pubgoers “out of this world” flavours. White Horse Brewery and Titanic brewery were chosen by the mysterious Luna team to represent their interests during late night discussions between them, Andy Wilson and Keith Bott.

Keith Bott explains that Luna have one goal, to create the finest beers in the universe using the hidden talent they have recognised in Britain’s pubs. They explained to us that having studied human life, the bar is the epicentre of human knowledge; nowhere else can you always find someone who seems to know everything! To this end they have asked us to facilitate opportunities for those who really understand what beer should taste like to work with us unconstrained by text books and accountants! These brave souls who will explore the diversity found through beer and will hence forth be known as MASHTRONAUTS. Firstly, boldly going to this final frontier is Burton’s MP, Andrew Griffiths. Mr Bott added “Andrew is the perfect candidate for the first mission. He has a genuine knowledge of beer and is passionate about beer and pubs place as the beating heart of community life, if any MP understands our great industry better than Andrew I am yet to meet them.”

Speaking after his cosmic experience Andrew said, “A chance like this is really exciting, we have to design and produce our own beer from start to finish! This project allows those of us who love beer and pubs to fully understand how life is breathed into new beers.”

In the future Luna brews hope to have a mixture of Mashtronauts join them, friends, customers, invited guests, maybe even “space tourists” who will pay to create a beer with us and take some “luna beer” home with them said Mr Wilson and they will have an honours board which lists the brave explorers who made this journey.

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