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Burton’s MP reacts to Supreme Court ruling

Tuesday 24th January 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton’s MP reacts to Supreme Court ruling

Speaking after the Supreme Court ruling this morning,  Andrew Griffiths MP, said: 

“The Supreme Court ruled today that there needs to be a vote in Parliament before Article 50 is triggered.  I respect the Supreme Court’s decision, as does the Government, and the next steps will be set out to Parliament shortly.”

“However, the important thing is that the British people voted to leave the European Union, and the Government will be delivering that.  Article 50 will be triggered as planned by the end of March, and today’s ruling does not change that.”

“Parliament has already backed the referendum result by a margin of six to one and has already indicated its support for getting on with the process of leaving the EU in line with the Government’s planned timetable.”

“I can reassure all constituents that at any vote to trigger Article 50, I will be voting to do so and to begin the formal process of leaving the EU.”

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