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Burton’s MP welcomes hope of improvement on the A38

Wednesday 1st February 2017 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton’s MP welcomes hope of improvement on the A38

Burton’s Member of Parliament Andrew Griffiths has welcomed the potential for a dramatic upgrade for the A38 under a new proposal put forward by Midlands Connect.

Mr Griffiths has been lobbying for increased investment in the A38 and for its upgrade to an “expressway” and that option is now being considered by the Midlands Connect group, of which Highways England is a partner.

Andrew said: “Local residents and businesses have to put up with not only the misery of regular accidents on the A38 but also the inconvenience of regular traffic jams and congestion. Upgrading the A38 would make a huge difference.  It would be safer and it would reduce congestion dramatically.  I am absolutely delighted that my idea is being actively considered and assessed. There is much more lobbying to do and I will continue to press hard for improvements.  I know our County Councillors are also working closely with Midlands Connect too.”

The Midlands Connect Emerging Strategy highlights that an expressway improvement to the A38 between the A5 and the M1 would “remove bottlenecks and improve journey times and reliability”.  The final strategy document is due to be published in March.

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