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Burton’s MP welcomes Winter Funding Boost for Queen’s Hospital

Friday 5th January 2018 (Andrew Griffiths)
Burton’s MP welcomes Winter Funding Boost for Queen’s Hospital

Burton’s MP Andrew Griffiths today welcomed the Government’s multi-million pound investment in Queen’s Hospital this winter, as it emerged that Burton’s NHS Trust has been granted an additional £1.8million in funding to help cope with winter pressures.

Queen’s Hospital and the wider health system has prepared earlier and more extensively than ever before for winter this year, with a focus on securing the right numbers of doctors and nurses, increasing bed availability, and making sure there is strong social care and community care support available to help discharge patients from hospital quickly.

The extra funding, which totals £1,840,229, granted to Burton’s NHS Trust is the equivalent of 42 annual nurse salaries, and was announced as part of a £337million immediate funding boost for NHS hospitals this winter in the recent Budget, in addition to an extra £2.8billion investment over the next two years.

Commenting, Andrew Griffiths said: “This is great news for patients at Queen’s and Burton’s residents.  We all want to know the NHS is there for us and our families whenever we need it, so I’m pleased the Government is giving the NHS extra support at this critical time of year, when cold weather and flu can increase the pressures on hard-working hospital staff.

“It’s thanks to our strong economy that we can make this extra investment in the NHS.  Polls show the NHS is the institution that makes us most proud to be British, and my party will always back and fund it.”

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