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Campaign launched against power station

Sunday 11th October 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)
Campaign launched against power station

A major campaign has been launched against the bid to build a power station close to homes in Branston and Shobnall.

Local Conservatives have sent petitions and posters to homes near where Irish developers want to position the £500 million, 960 megawatt facility.

A new website, , has also been set up in opposition to the plans at Centrum West. The campaign has been launched by Burton Conservatives led by prospective parliamentary candidate Andrew Griffiths.

Local East Staffordshire councillors Richard Grosvenor, Patricia Ackroyd and Mick Bowering, along with Shobnall ward member Khadim Thathall have expressed major concerns about the proposals.

The concerns centre on five main areas, including the impact on air quality, potential noise pollution, additional traffic, the height of the chimney stacks and how the canal network will be affected by the pipeline needed to feed the power station.

Andrew Griffiths said: “We recognise that there is an energy problem in this country and that we need to find solutions. We are not against building gas power stations. “It is about the proper siting of the station and we think the Centrum site is simply the wrong site. We think there are better alternatives. We have concerns about building the power station so close to residential properties and the impact that will have on the lives of local residents.

Andrew added,

“People deserve to have a voice to save Burton’s skyline. We realise it will be a long campaign and we are up for a hard fight.”

Councillor Mick Bowering said, “It is going to dominate the landscape.” If the plans are given the green light, it is proposed that construction work would start in the autumn of 2012 and that commercial operation will begin in 2016.

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