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Conservative calls for Bank Holiday on England’s National day

Monday 23rd April 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Conservative calls for Bank Holiday on England’s National day

People in Burton and Uttoxeter should get a national holiday to celebrate St George’s Day according to Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Andrew Griffiths.

Commenting, Mr Griffiths said, “I was really pleased to see some people in Burton and Uttoxeter flying the St. George's flag this year and marking the day, but compared to the way Americans or the Irish celebrate their National day, it was a pretty poor show. I would love it to be more of a celebration for everyone to enjoy. We have so much to be proud of about our country, yet compared to other nationalities, we simply don’t show enough national pride.”

Mr Griffiths urged Burton residents to register their support for a Bank Holiday for St George by logging on to the internet at

Mr Griffiths added, “The day of England ‘s patron saint is an opportunity for all the people of England to celebrate their country’s heritage, culture and traditions, but so few people bother. I find it so sad that we see the St George’s flag everywhere during the football World Cup, but we don’t see it more often on the proper day to celebrate our Englishness.”

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