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Conservative Housing Minister hails Burton success

Wednesday 24th March 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)
Conservative Housing Minister hails Burton success

Burton’s social housing provider hailed as success by Shadow Housing Minister as a ‘template’ for how similar groups in the country should operate.

Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps heaped praise on Trent and Dove Housing Association, in Horninglow Street, while touring its new 34-apartment Charrington House development next door at the invitation of Andrew Griffiths.

Mr Shapps: “I think it’s important that people who look after housing, particularly affordable housing, don’t just build the house and walk away but understand how to improve the lives and aspirations of the people that use the houses.

The Shadow Housing Minister also met Paul Laffey, the chief executive of Burton and District YMCA, and Burton Addiction Centre representatives to learn how they work with Trent and Dove to help service users.

Mr Griffiths said: “Trent and Dove doesn’t just build the houses, it plays an active role in the community. The team does some brilliant things here in Burton and hopefully we can support that and encourage Grant — for when we win the election — to offer this kind of service elsewhere.”

Trent and Dove chief executive Ron Dougan said: “It’s really nice to see Mr Shapps. He’s very enthusiastic about housing and very knowledgeable. He’s been very impressed by what he’s seen in Burton and it’s been a pleasure to have him visit”

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