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Conservatives at launch of “Save our Pubs” campaign

Monday 1st December 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
Conservatives at launch of “Save our Pubs” campaign

Burton Conservatives have added their support for a new campaign to save the Great British pub.Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Burton Andrew Griffiths attended the launch of ‘Axe the Beer Tax, Save the Pub’ in Westminster on Thursday.

The new national campaign, is calling a halt to the Government’s plans to raise beer taxes even further, following the pre-budget report, and to take steps to safeguard Britain’s pubs.It

follows Chancellor Alistair Darling’s pre-Budget report last week, which included an eight per cent rise in alcohol duty, just months after inflation-busting tax hikes in March. One day later, the Chancellor did a sensational u-turn and reduced taxes on whisky, but did not make the same concession to beer.

Andrew said: “Britain’s beer and pub trade is under threat – beer sales in pubs are at their lowest since the Great Depression, closures are accelerating and jobs are being lost.

“Burton was built on beer, and many jobs rely on the brewing industry. It is no surprise that a Scottish Chancellor and a Scottish Prime Minster have chosen to support the Scottish whisky industry by cutting taxes, but they are risking yet more job losses here in Burton by ignoring the beer trade. I am truly shocked that at a time when the government are offering financial support to Britain’s struggling businesses, the beer trade is the only one to receive no help from Ministers.Pubs are going to go bust this winter, and no one is going to re-open those pubs. The Treasury already takes one third of the price of every pint and I think it is time they did something to save the Great British pub.”

All those concerned about the future of pubs are being urged to sign up to the campaign on its website where they can lobby their MP, sign an on-line petition and organise local campaigning events.

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