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Conservatives call for help for First Time Buyers

Monday 16th July 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Conservatives call for help for First Time Buyers

Andrew Griffiths, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Burton and Uttoxeter lent his support for measures to build more homes on genuine brownfield land, but said that necessary infrastructure (like schools, hospitals, roads, public transport, water supplies) were essential, and environmental protection like the Green Belt must be maintained.

Andrew was also critical of hikes to stamp duty under Labour and cuts to the rights of social tenants to buy their home. Across Burton and Uttoxeter the average first time buyer pays £1131 more stamp duty under Labour, whilst the average home buyer pays £1341 more.

Andrew explained,

“We need more homes across East Staffordshire while protecting the environment and providing the infrastructure to support local communities. Local people know best where new homes should go, rather than Whitehall or regional bureaucrats.

“Gordon Brown top-down approach of forcing high density blocks of flats, closing local hospitals and recklessly building on flood plains threatens to create unsustainable communities that will become the sink estates of tomorrow. Already many of the new homes being built in places like Uttoxeter are above the price range for local young people trying to get on to the housing ladder.”

“Yet Mr Brown’s tax hikes, especially punitive stamp duty and escalating council tax, have helped kick a whole generation off the housing ladder. He has presided over falling home ownership and curtailed the right of social tenants to own their home.”

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