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Conservatives launch petition against post office closures

Wednesday 2nd April 2008 (Andrew Griffiths)
Conservatives launch petition against post office closures

Following the news of the closure of 5 post offices in Burton and Uttoxeter, local Conservatives have launched a campaign to keep them open. Petitions are being placed in shops and pubs across the town, and Conservative activists are going door to door to gain support for the campaign.

Launching the petition outside Marchington post office, which is earmarked for closure under the government’s plan, Andrew Griffiths, Conservative Parliamentary spokesman for Burton and Uttoxeter said,

“Since the awful news was announced I have been inundated with telephone calls from worried residents, many of them pensioners who feel frightened and helpless at the thought of losing such a vital facility. Labour holds the record for closing Post Offices faster than any other Government – almost 10 a week since 1997, but in Burton we must do everything we can to stop that shameful record continuing. We cannot just roll over and accept these unjust closures as a done deal; we must fight to keep them open. Our aim is to get thousands of people to sign up to show our support for our post offices so that the government can be in no doubt that we want to keep our post offices.”

County Councillor Bob Fraser who has at the launch said,

“Losing the post office will rip the heart out of Marchington. What on earth are pensioners who don’t drive supposed to do? Locally, these cuts will strike a hammer blow to those areas affected. It is shameful that the government is abandoning the elderly who rely on this service. Post Offices offer a valuable service to those residents that use them. We are all determined to do everything in our power to keep them open.”

Mr Griffiths intends to present the petition to the Post Office and to Gordon Brown. Copies of the petition can be obtained from Mr Griffiths by calling (01283) 568894 or emailing

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