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Council must listen on three-tier system

Monday 8th December 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Council must listen on three-tier system

Conservative MP for Uttoxeter Andrew Griffiths has urged the County Council to listen to the concerns of local residents and abandon proposals to scrap the three tier system.

 Mr Griffiths said: “When this consultation came out I was determined to listen to local people about how they want their children educated. I conducted an online survey which has clearly demonstrated that parents in Uttoxeter love the three tier system and want to keep it.

 “It is abundantly clear that the overwhelming number of people in Uttoxeter oppose changing to the two tier system.

 “I recognise there are many advantages to the two tier system, but when it is so opposed by local residents it would be a mistake to go ahead. Politicians should listen to local people and so I would urge the County Council to abandon the proposals and maintain the three tier system.”

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