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County Council playing politics over farms sell off

Tuesday 28th August 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
County Council playing politics over farms sell off

Conservatives have today accused Labour controlled Staffordshire County Council of playing politics over plans to sell off farm land across the county for housing.

The comments came as analysis shows that of the 123 farms under threat, only two farms, represented by just one Labour Councillor are affected.

Conservative candidate Andrew Griffiths, who is leading the campaign against the farm sell off said,

“It does appear that the Labour Party at County Hall are playing politics with our countryside. Labour County Councillors want to concrete over some of the prettiest parts of East Staffordshire, yet the decision will affect very few of their voters. The Labour Party knows that this unpopular move will not affect Labour divisons. Local residents are obviously very concerned at these plans to sell off Staffordshire’s family jewels, yet Labour County Councillors will not have to suffer any of the consequences. It does seem as though Labour are playing politics over the farm sell of.”

County Councillor for the Dove Division, Bob Fraser, said,

“With a predominance of small villages, dependant to a certain extent on agriculture, my area could very well be devastated by such a casual, even ignorant attitude to the farming community. These farms are the means by which young people can gain a foothold into a farming life. They are farming’s equivalent to “Technology Parks” and are subscribed to many times over whenever one becomes available. How on earth can the Labour administration at County Hall determine that they should disappear, just to raise money? Yet again we see mismanagement rearing its head.” Burton and Uttoxeter Conservatives have launched a petition against the farm sell off. “

The petition can be signed here:-

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