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Death of the morning post a disaster says Conservative

Wednesday 28th November 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Death of the morning post a disaster says Conservative

Residents in Burton will suffer after another disasterous announcement by the Royal Mail over the scrapping of morning postal deliveries says Andrew Griffiths, Conservative candidate for Burton.

“Thousands of people in Burton, and millions across the country will be hugely inconvenienced by this barmy news “said Andrew, who lives in Uttoxeter. “I am also concerned that lots of businesses in Burton will be very badly affected by the loss of the morning post. The fact that Postcomm has slipped this out without making a proper public statement is deeply disturbing considering the impact that will be felt across the country. ”

Andrew has been campaigning against the planned closure of local post offices.

Andrew added:

“We are already preparing for the loss of post offices throughout Burton, and this latest news will end a very bad year for people who use the postal service. Under this government, we have witnessed death by a thousand cuts to a vital service for Burton residents. ”

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