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Discount prices set to stay as bus firm ‘sees sense’

Monday 7th April 2014 (Andrew Griffiths)
Discount prices set to stay as bus firm ‘sees sense’

Written by ROB SMYTH

BURTON’S MP has praised a major bus firm after it revealed that temporary offers put in place to reduce the impact of price rises look set to stay.

Andrew Griffiths wrote to Arriva chiefs after the firm revealed that the majority of its single adult and child fares were set to rise by 10p from the middle of last month, causing a furious reaction by bus users across the area.

Now, bosses have replied and stated that it is hoping to make the special offers a ‘permanent’ part of its pricing structure, which will come as a major boost to commuters.

Mr Griffiths told the Mail: “This is great news for commuters and is a victory for commonsense.

“I commend Arriva for recognising the importance of these discounts and the prospect of them staying will offer some great news for people who use the services that the firm provides day in and day out.

“It will boost people who use the bus every single day and also support people who rely on public transport and are also on limited incomes.”

The fares that changed and rose by 10p were the ones priced at £1.50, £1.70, £1.80, £2.10, £2.40, £2.50, £2.60, £2.80, £3.00 and £3.20.

Single fares which remained unchanged were the ones priced at £1, £1.20, £1.30, £1.60, £1.90, £2.00, £2.20, £2.30, £3.30, £3.50, £3.60 and £3.70.

In a letter to Mr Griffiths, Alex Perry, regional managing director for Arriva, said: “Although we marketed them as special offers, we are hopeful that we will be able to make them a permanent feature of our network.

“This will only be possible however if there is significant uptake from the public and we are able to encourage enough people to use the tickets to offset the reduced prices.

“Based on our experiences in other areas, where we have tried similar fares experiments, we are confident that these fare trials will be a success and they will not be a short-term venture.

“Ideally we would like these to be a series of fares offers we run in the Burton area.”

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