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Don’t let them close our home

Monday 30th August 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

TODAY the Mail calls on the owner of a closure-threatened retirement complex to put the welfare of its elderly residents first and rethink its decision to close the centre.

The human cost of Anchor Trust’s decision to close Elizabeth Court, in Winshill, emerges in stark detail as residents – many of them in their 80s and 90s – tell of the impact the planned closure is having on their lives.

One tenant, 90-year-old Hilda Small, tells us she ‘wouldn’t want to live any more’ if forced from the home in which she had hoped to spend the rest of her days.

Others tell of the shock of being informed of Anchor’s decision, apparently taken without any consultation with residents, which has left some to lie awake at night worrying about their fate.

The Mail calls on the people of Burton to join our call for Anchor to put the health and welfare of its residents above financial concerns and reconsider its plan to close the centre.

Our campaign already has the support of politicians, including Burton MP Andrew Griffiths (pictured left).

He told the Mail: “This proposed closure is causing a lot of distress to the residents and their families. It has been handled very badly. I am not convinced that Anchor Trust has done enough to support these residents or to keep Elizabeth Court open.

“I would urge Anchor to think again and to explore other options, such as finding an alternative buyer or looking at other ways to allow residents to stay in their homes.

“I think that the Burton Mail campaign will make the Trust rethink this decision and, for that reason, it has my support.”

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