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Fibre Broadband upgrade for Leigh hailed by local MP Andrew Griffiths

Tuesday 31st May 2016 (Andrew Griffiths)
Fibre Broadband upgrade for Leigh hailed by local MP Andrew Griffiths

Fibre broadband has been rolled out to parts of the rural area around Uttoxeter following an intervention from the local MP Andrew Griffiths.

BT Openreach announced that the broadband box in Withington has now gone live, and that residents in Withington, Church Leigh and parts of Upper Leigh should now be able to receive the superfast broadband service.

This announcement comes after Andrew Griffiths held a number of meetings with BT and Openreach, both in Burton and Westminster, urging them to do more to make broadband available to this “not spot”.

Andrew said: “Sixty residents of Leigh came to see me at a surgery at The Star pub earlier this year, saying that the broadband service they were receiving was just not good enough to run their lives and their businesses.  To have so many people turn out for the meeting shows just what an important issue it is. I then met with representatives of BT on a number of occasions to persuade them that this work needed to be done as a matter of urgency. I am delighted that I convinced them to switch on the box at Withington, and this will make a massive difference to many residents of Leigh.  But there are still parts of the area that will not be affected by this upgrade, and we now need to campaign to make sure that Superfast Staffordshire upgrade the rest.”

As there are still some households in Leigh that are not affected by the upgrade Andrew is continuing to campaign for Superfast Staffordshire to allocate funds from the next pot of money becoming available later this year to upgrade the rest of the Leigh area.

Leigh residents can check whether superfast broadband is now available for them by entering their address at  If it is available they should contact their service provide to discuss upgrading.

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