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Five unemployed people chase every job in Burton and Uttoxeter

Wednesday 14th October 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)
Five unemployed people chase every job in Burton and Uttoxeter

Latest unemployment figures have shown that for every job advertised with the job centre, five unemployed people in the Burton constituency are chasing it.
The figures released by the Government today show that Burton and Uttoxeter has 2395 unemployed, but only 467 jobs advertised by the local jobcentres.

Andrew Griffiths, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Burton said,
“Burton continues to be hit incredibly hard by the recession. It is sad that Labour are now the party of unemployment with two and a half million people unemployed and one in five young people who can’t find a job.
Andrew backed Conservative plans for a massive programme to “Get Britain Working”. Conservatives will:

Simplify Labour’s numerous and piecemeal programmes into one single back-to-work programme for everyone on out of work benefits.
The Work Programme will include support back into work for the 2.6 million people claiming Incapacity Benefits currently excluded by Labour.
Abolish the Treasury’s rule that prevents the Government paying work providers using the benefits saved once someone has a job. This will allow us to offer support to the 2.6 million people on Incapacity Benefit.
Offer greater support to the young unemployed by referring them on to the Work Programme after 6 months of unemployment compared to a year under the Flexible New Deal.
Pay providers by results with a focus on truly sustainable outcomes and bigger rewards for getting the hardest to help into a job.
Conservatives have also announced:

50,000 work pairing places, on average, each year for young people, who will be assigned to sole traders for six months of meaningful work experience and mentoring.
100,000 additional apprenticeships and training places each year.
50,000 additional training places at FE colleges each year.
Expansion of the government’s Young Apprenticeship (YA) scheme, from the current 10,000 to over 30,000 each year.



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