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Flipping lovin’ it – town’s MP tries his hand with a Big Mac

Thursday 14th April 2011 (Andrew Griffiths)
Flipping lovin’ it – town’s MP tries his hand with a Big Mac

CUSTOMERS at a local fast food restaurant were surprised to be served by their local MP.

MP for Burton Andrew Griffiths donned a cap, uniform and apron and set to work flipping Burgers at McDonald’s, in Derby Road, Burton.

“I was shown how to make a burger and a Big Mac and I put the special sauce on,” he said.

Some people remarked on how at ease he looked behind the counter.

“One customer did ask me if I was trying it out just in case the elections didn’t go right in four years’ time, and they did say I was welcome to have a job whenever I wanted.”

Mr Griffiths was on site to learn about the employment opportunities open to people in Burton.

“I got to talk to all the staff from the management down to the people making the burgers.”

Some of the staff Mr Griffiths met were still studying and he found out how working there benefitted them.

“Some of them are just starting to do their A-levels and it gives them flexibility,” he said.

The politician also learnt about the apprenticeships offered by McDonald’s, which are paving the way for the restaurateurs of the future.

“They train people up to NVQ level in catering and hospitality,” he said.

“I was talking to one of the managers who was in the management trainee programme and he was telling me how he had gone to university and done his degree and then came back to train to be a manager.

“So for some people it offers flexibility and for others it’s a career.”

The Stretton franchise is owned by Sarah McLean, who also owns nine other McDonald’s restaurants in the area, and so far scores of people have gone through the apprenticeship programme.

Mr Griffiths said: “From my perspective it’s great to see other people’s jobs and talk to them about business and employment in Burton.”

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