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George Osborne pledges to support Burton’s brewing industry.

Monday 25th May 2009 (Andrew Griffiths)
George Osborne pledges to support Burton’s brewing industry.

At a brewing summit in Burton, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has vowed to do ‘everything in his power’ to promote Burton’s brewing industry should the Conservatives win the next General Election.

The Tatton MP made his pledge after attending a brewing summit at Marston’s, in Shobnall Road, arranged Conservatives prospective Parliamentary for Burton, Andrew Griffiths.

The meeting was the most important and influential summit held in many years and included representatives from Marston’s Brewery, Molson Coors, Punch Taverns, Burton Bridge Brewery, Enterprise Inns, Titanic and Mitchell’s and Butler.

Mr Osborne said: “My promise to Burton’s brewers is that I will do all that I can to promote the industry here in Burton and elsewhere, will not dump tax charges on them, will engage them in conversation and that, where we have a problem with binge drinking, will target the specific supermarket strength products causing it.

“Burton has had a Labour MP for many years and it’s got a Labour Government and the industry has suffered.

“These latest tax changes threaten jobs in Burton and across the whole industry.

“A Conservative MP in Burton and a Conservative government would mean that we would have a tax regime and a regulatory system that understand the brewing industry and create jobs in Burton instead of destroying them.”


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