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Get on the Dog and Bone for charity

Wednesday 29th August 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
Get on the Dog and Bone for charity

Local Conservatives are calling on people in Burton and Uttoxeter to help raise money for charity by donating their old mobile phones. They hope to raise hundreds of pounds for Guide Dogs for the Blind under the scheme, and help the environment at the same time.

The initiative is being organised by Conservative parliamentary candidate for Burton and Uttoxeter Andrew Griffiths. Andrew said,“Everyone I know has unused or broken mobile phones gathering dust at the back of a drawer. People clammer for the latest “must have” mobile, and the old one gets cast aside. Instead of just forgetting about them, if everyone donated their old handset, we could raise a fortune for a really worthwhile charity.”

Any mobile, whether working or broken, and no matter how old can raise cash under the scheme. Guide Dogs are supporting almost 5,000 guide dog partnerships in the UK and requires over £50 million a year to continue its work, which includes all of the costs over the life of the dog, from breeding, through to training, matching of the partnership, food and vet fees and even finding the animal a loving home at retirement. It costs around £10 a day to breed, train and care for each guide dog. Every year the charity breeds over 1200 guide dog puppies. The cost of a guide dog to its new owner is a nominal 50p, to ensure that no-one is prevented from having one by lack of funds.

Andrew added, “A guide dog can transform the life of a blind person, but training a dog is expensive. Recycling your mobile has two really positive benefits: it raises enough money to feed a guide dog for five days, and at the same time it protects the environment from the harmful effects of adding your phone to the growing number in landfill sites”.

Anyone wishing to donate their phone can send it to Gothard House, 9 St.Pauls Square, Burton Upon Trent, DE14 or email for a free recycling envelope

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