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“Get pumped up” for road safety

Tuesday 4th September 2007 (Andrew Griffiths)
“Get pumped up” for road safety

Motorists in Burton and Uttoxeter have been urged to “get pumped up” in order to improve road stafety across East Stafforshire.

The calls came after Conservative Parliamentary Andrew Griffiths, and local MEP for the region Malcolm Harbour paid a visit to the Pirelli tyre manufacturing site in Burton upon Trent. As well as seeing the state of the art tyre manufacturing process (MIRS), the pair were shown a revolutionary new device to warn drivers if there tyres are underinflated.

Andrew Griffiths said,

“I was staggered to learn from Pirelli that thousands of accidents, some of them fatal, are caused simply because drivers are driving on under inflated tyres. It takes just a few seconds to check the pressure and quality of your tyres, yet it could save your life.”

Malcolm Harbour MEP said,

“I was impressed by the commitment to quality and innovation shown by Pirelli, and their determination to improve road safety. Pirelli’s new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an incredibly clever way to alert drivers about under-inflated tyres, and I am sure it will prevent accidents.”

Figures show that

• 82% of cars on the road are running on under inflated tyres.
• 63% are so low they are at risk of crashing.
• 6% of all fatal motorway accidents in the UK are caused by under inflated tyres.

Mr Griffiths and Mr Harbour were shown the manufacturing operation by Pirelli Managing Director Dominic Sandivasci.

Dominic Sandivasci welcomed the visit to the Pirelli UK Headquarters in Burton on Trent.

Dominic added “The Pirelli TPMS system, called K pressure Optic, is a unique user-friendly and affordable sensor designed and developed by Pirelli for all motorists. The valve, employing highly-sophisticated technology, constantly monitors tyre pressure and provides an instant visual check ; thus contributing to safety, fuel savings and uniform tyre wear. I am delighted that both Malcolm and Andrew recognised the contribution that Pirelli are making to improve road safety “.

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