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Monday 5th July 2010 (Andrew Griffiths)

Staffordshire Turbine Action Group held a well attended meeting at Stramshall Village Hall on Sunday 4 July 2010. Andrew Griffiths MP attended to support local residents and listen to their concerns, particularly in relation to the inappropriate location of the proposed Turbine. Local residents of Stramshall added their support and assistance to the growing number of locals opposed to the siting of a 132M Industrial Wind Turbine at Checkley Sewage Works.

During a presentation concerns were raised in relation to the health of local residents, the noise the turbine would generate positioned in the bottom of the valley. The size of the site where the turbine is proposed to be located, the visual impact on the rural landscape and the disruption caused during it’s construction and operation.

Andrew Griffiths MP said “This wind turbine is in the wrong place and would have a detrimental effect on local residents. I support wind turbines and the use of renewable energy, but only if they are appropriately sited. It is essential that we do all we can to stop this proposal and I would urge all residents to join the campaign and show their concern, before it is too late.” BBC West Midlands today covered the story interviewing Andrew Griffiths and members of the campaign group.

Keith Flunder, chairman of STAG said ‘it was great that Andrew attended the meeting, fulfilling his election campaign promises to support local residents, meeting them face to face and listening to their concerns’.

He went on to say ‘It was also great to see Robert Hardwick ESBC Councillor at the meeting and learn from his previous experience campaigning against the Abbots Bromley Wind Farm.’

The meeting concluded with news of a letter from Severn Trent Water to Checkley Parish Council and Leigh Parish Council, in which it stated ‘Severn Trent is not intending to submit a formal planning application for a wind turbine at Checkley for at least the next 2-3 years’. Keith Flunder chairman said ‘we’ve won the first round of the battle, but need to keep up our campaign’

He went on to say ’on behalf of the committee and myself I would like to thank the local residents and other interested parties and organisation for supporting our campaign over the last 17 months. Many of our committee members and local Councillors have put in a lot of time and energy into the campaign so far. We will continue to campaign to get Severn Trent Water to withdraw their application at Checkley Sewage Works, seek a change of outdated planning guidelines and the Governments policy for on-shore wind turbines.

The new phase of our campaign starts on 17 July 2010, when a meeting is to be held with representatives from a number of local turbine campaign groups, local MP’s and other interested parties at Stone. We will discuss a proposed Parliamentary Bill to include minimum distances from turbine sites to nearest residential homes and the long-term sustainability of such developments. The members of STAG believe that the current Government has the chance of making the planning process in relation to large Industrial Wind Turbines a more fair, just and democratic process.’

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